Submit Your Piece

Submissions for Volume XI are now closed. You may view the published journal here. Please check back in Fall 2021 for the Volume XII submission deadline.

All current high school students in the state of Maryland are eligible to submit.

In these steps, “your/yours” refers to the high school student.

Step 1. Verify that the manuscript is creative nonfiction and is under 3000 words. The six pillars of creative nonfiction that will be used in reviewing your submission are listed below. A full explanation is outlined here.

-Story is entertaining, with strong literary elements (including a beginning, middle, and end)

-Story is true

-Story is timely and timeless

-Story has an apparent and deeper subject

-Story pays careful attention to craft

-Story includes the author, who reflects on the subject

Step 2. Ensure that the manuscript is in Google Docs (preferred) or Microsoft Word, Times New Roman typeface, size 12, double spaced. Do NOT include page numbers and identifying information (author’s name, teacher’s name, grade, etc. The ONLY exceptions are those within the body of the story).

Step 3. Download the Volume XI submission form and complete it in full. NOTE: the “adviser” is a teacher, club sponsor, coach, etc. FROM YOUR SCHOOL. Type directly into the document or copy/photograph/scan the completed form. *If your piece is selected for publication, we will be contacting your adviser to verify the originality of your work.*

Step 4. In an email, attach your story and completed submission form. Address the email to the regional director that is responsible for your county, the list is here. If using Google Docs: BE SURE TO SHARE YOUR MANUSCRIPT WITH YOUR REGIONAL DIRECTOR’S EMAIL.

Step 5. Send the email! You have submitted your piece for consideration! You should receive a confirmation email in the days following your submission.

We look forward to reviewing the submissions! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

Remember: the deadline is FEBRUARY 14th, 2021!